03 March 2012

The Lords of Epic

14.45 (Belgium time)

Been a long while since I blogged, but here goes another attempt at making a digital footprint.

Considering getting rujedi as a domain name, where I can link this blog, my f-book, and any other good stuff like. Might be nice to have a central repository. I have one for my professional/school stuff, so perhaps I could use one for my personal items. Your thoughts?

Onto the Lords of Epic! 
What comes to mind when you think of Epic? Maybe something like this?

Cute, but no. I'm talking about taking something like this


Now that is EPIC!!!
I'm hoping to assemble a list of composers and music groups that create this amazing music. I've become obsessed with it--for studying, gaming, chilling out, and working out. Perhaps if I build out my own personal site, I'll make tribute pages. Here's my list so far:

1M1 Music
Ars Arcana
Audio Network
Bing Bang Boom Music
Boomerangi Music
Brand X Music
Brickwall Audio
Cinetrax Music
DeWolfe Music
Epic Score
E.S. Posthumous
Figure & Groove Music
Fired Earth Music
Future World Music
Gothic Storm
Groove Addicts
GRV Music
Heavy Melodic Music & Sound Design
Icon Trailer Music
Immediate Music
In the Groove
Killer Tracks
Massive Noise Machine
Methodic Doubt Music
Music Roasters
NYB 'New York Beats' Music
Lalela Music
Les Friction
Pfeifer Broz Music
Posthaste Music
Pusher Music
Sencit Music
Shockwave Sounds
Sonic Librarian
Sonoton Trailer Tracks
Spider Cues Music Library
Position Music
Two Steps from Hell
X-Ray Dog
West One Music
Andrew Prahlow
Adrian Croom
Alan Silvestri
Armen Hamber
Boris Nonte
Brian Tyler
Clint Mansell
Dan Graham
Dane Short
Daniel James "Hybrid Two"
Danny Elfman
David T. Edwards
Dos Brains
Drew J. Lerdal
E3 aka [E]pic [E]rik [E]khom
Fran 'Koke' Núñez
James Horner
Gabriel Shadid
Gregor F. Narholz
Hans Zimmer
Harry Gregson Williams
Helen Gocher
Howard Shore
James Studer
Jeff Fayman
Jeffery Broadbent
Jeffery & Robert Pfeifer Jochen Flach
Jon Bourne
Joesph Trananese
Kai Rosenkranz
Kaveh Cohen
Kavin Hoo
Kendall Barwick
Kristofer Dirksen
Marcello De Francisci
Mark John Petrie
Mark Russell
Matthew De Luca
Maureen Carroll
Michael McCann
Michael Nielsen
Neil De Luca
Oliver Wallner
Paul Lawler
Paul Jebanasam
Pierre Gerwig Langer
Rick Horrocks
Robert Johnson
Russ Landau
Ryan Amon
Steve Jablonsky
Steve Souder
Tarek Mansur
Terry DeVine-Kine
Thomas J. Bergersen
Trevor Rabin
Veigar Margeirsson
Vlado Hudec
William Byrne
Yoav Goren

**Many composers work with one or more composers and/or companies/groups.

If you want a more epic music, look up any of them on YouTube or check out some of these great YouTube channels for some epic mixes.
Just don't forget your demon-smiting warhammer.

The Final Battle Awaits